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Next generation cutting edge knowledge and techniques applied to get the very best results for ALL clients.

Professional and motivational weight loss programs for men & women​ (available Internationally)
Clients will be introduced to exciting new health conscious methods at affordable prices.
If you want to lose weight and improve your health, I will help you every step of the way, to ensure you achieve your goals.



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Services are available:

Online Internationally

In person at my private studio in Potters Bar

ViP Training & Health also provides London Based Elite Trainers with advanced qualification.


Specialist services ​:

Weight loss​ (With Training, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching)

Wellbeing (such as sleep, energy or stomach issues)


Why chose our services?

We Deliver what I say I can achieve

Have evidence that we get results

Have testimonials to back up our promises…


Warning! Non serious – need NOT apply

We are ONLY Taking Clients who really want results!


When people trust in us to look after their health, physical shape and well being we take the responsibility seriously!





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